Redbox charges late fees

Redbox Fees Overview

Americans have rented over 100 million DVDs from Redbox kiosks, all under the promise of “no late fees.” But is this deceptive advertising? Redbox’s rental policy states that any customer returning a DVD after 9:00pm on the following day will be charged $1.00. The $1.00 charge continues each day until the DVD is returned or 24 days have passed, at which point the customer can keep the DVD, but is charged $25 dollars more than triple the price it charges to buy used DVDs available from its kiosks for only $7. Both of these charges are de-facto late fees resulting in over $100 million dollars of illegal revenues for Redbox.

The consumer protection division of Brent Coon & Associates has filed a class action lawsuit against Redbox seeking damages for violations of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act, the Illinois Rental-Purchase Agreement Act and the Automatic Contract Renewal Act, as well as for unlawful penalties and unjust enrichment. If you have been charged a $1 fee for returning a DVD after 9:00 pm the following day or a $25 fee for failing to return a DVD, you may eligible to take part in the class action lawsuit and receive compensation for Redbox’s illegal and unfair rental policies.

To stand up for your consumer rights, simply fill out the form provided on this site. You can also sign up for free notices about the progress of the case, post and share stories of your experiences with improper and excessive Redbox late fees and contact Plaintiff’s attorneys.

Redbox Fees Compensation

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