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Brent Coon & Associates Files Landmark Case Against Redbox

November 17, 2009, 8:20 am

St. Louis, MO – November 12, 2009 - The consumer protection division of Brent Coon & Associates has filed a landmark lawsuit against Redbox.  The suit alleges deceptive and unfair business practices relating to Redbox’s guarantee of “no late fees.”  The suit, originally brought by a single mother in Southern Illinois, alleges that Redbox’s policy of charging consumers $1 for DVDs returned after 9pm is a de-facto late fee and that the $25 charged to consumers who keep a DVD for more than 24 days are unfair business practices.  The $25 charge is more than triple what Redbox charges to buy its used DVDs.  The lawsuit promises to be a major, nationwide class action suit.  Brent Coon & Associates seeks to be the top firm on the plaintiff’s steering committee as other plaintiffs and firms join the suit. 

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